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Date: December 2008 – July 31 2017
Company: Cargill Asia Pacific Holdings Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)

Client: Asia Pacific Cargill Grain and Oilseed Supply Chain Asia (CHINA, MALAYSIA, VIETNAM, PHILIPPINES, THAILAND,

Position: APAC MIT Business Analyst. (In 10years of service has been evolved into different roles.) - NOC2171


We are the engineers behind the Cargil Commodity Trading System(CTS) owning all aspects of solutions end-to-end through full stack software development in the Supply Chain Arena. And contribute to all aspects of an agile software Dev-Life-Cycle including design, architecture, development, documentation, testing and operations.

Key Role’s & Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for translating business requirements into IT Solutions and realizing business benefits.

  • Responsible for business case analysis and the success of IT Projects implementation.

  • Elicit functional and non-functional (performance, availability, security, accessibility, cross-browser compliance) requirements using a methodology most appropriate for the context of each project, such as Joint Requirements Planning (JRP), Joint Application Development (JAD).

  • Proactively communicate and collaborate with external and internal stakeholders to analyze information needs and functional requirements and deliver the following artifacts as needed: (Business Requirements Document, Use Cases, Screen and Interface Designs).

  • Plan for acceptance of solution (change management, communication, training needs)

  • Provide subject matter expertise in multiple business process areas

  • Manage & Control the approved scope, budget, schedule, project resources & change requests.

  • Work closely and effectively with the Business Managers, IT Work Stream Managers/Teams, and Vendors to ensure project objectives are met.

  • Responsible for tracking key project milestones and adjusting project plans and/or resources. And coordinates communication with all areas of the enterprise that impacts the scope, budget, risk and resources of the work effort being managed. Know about the value of metrics and incremental delivery.

  • Holds project team resources accountable to their deliverables and ensures project execution.

Technical Responsibilities:

  • Develops solution conceptual designs and solution blueprints especially the transitions of all Cargill APAC Applications to the Third Party vendor (Cognizant and CapGemini).

  • Provide application development, support and consultancy services for all Business units in the supply chain arena.

  • Ensures region application architecture aligns with portfolio architecture and Enterprise Architecture

  • Provide guidance on technical solution options and business partner decision making to minimize the amount of project investment divergence from target architecture.

  • Support end-to-end application architecture integrity and the functional relationship across multiple projects and/or applications.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Lead the Infrastructure LifeCycle Server/workstation, Lifecycle of legacy application, Planning & Testing for DR (Disaster Recovery drill/exercise), Software Asset Management related task, related task for Technology Governance Risk & Control.

  • Maintain an existing application for all Supply Chain Asia , those application created in Java, as frontend and IBM DB2 , MS SQL for back-end database. Major enhance made includes:

  1. Migration into SAP Technology through ABAP.

  2. Improve graphical user interface and functionality.

  3. Develop application enhancements and reports.

  4. Fix all reported bugs.

Accomplishment (Projects):

  1. Weigh Bridge System for APAC region(Malaysia 3 plant site, Indonesia 3 plant site, China BU 6 plant site, Philippines etc.

  2. Warehouse Inventory System for (Malaysia GOSC Westport zone).

  3. Weighbridge CIDOS Interface (interface for 4 SQL server , and into IBM DB2 main server ).

  4. Monarch Data pump (report services, auto generate daily report and sending the report via email)

  5. Cargill Trading System (development and support role, generate a contract balance reports for PNL).

  6. eTelex and Fax2Mail for Traders (fax system support).

  7. Developed Cargill Interactive Delivery Order System.

  8. Reuters Eikon, Bloomberg, CME e-Quotes for Traders (support role for Finance/Traders department).

  9. Developed WeighBridge Receipt & Dispatch Warehouse Transfer Note.

  10. Balance Scorecard System, and Delivery Orders reports, Dispatches reports.

  11. Stock Adjustment report, Stock position report, Purchase/Sales Inventory report.

  12. Inbound Shrink report for WITS system, and Warehouse Shrink report.

  13. Developed WAMS (Workflow Automation and Management System).

  14. CMT System for Thailand (Chicken Meat Inventory System).

  15. SMS Gateway for Indonesia.

  16. Developed Outstanding Delivery Authorization report (by vessel, product, sales contract, owner).

  17. Auto-Generate Analytics Report for Counter Party Exposure Report, Risk Contract exposure.

  18. Integration of Gate Barrier & weigh scale indicator device.

  19. Maximo v7.6 for Cargill Joy Philippines, and Cargill Meat Thailand. (below are functionality and this is $600K project cost):

    1. Asset Management, Work Management, Material Management.​

    2. Purchasing, Contract Management, Service Management

Technology and Tools:

  • MS .NET 2005, Visual Basic 6.0,  C# , Java, JavaScript, Php, Crystal Report, MS SQL 2005,  IBM DB2, Oracle SQL, MS Excel VBA, SAP ABAP, Citrix. 

  • Web full-stack(HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, Bootstrap).

  • MERN Stack(MongoDB, Express js, React js, Node js).


  • Traditional Waterfall, Interactive Waterfall, Agile(Scrum), and Project Management.

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